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How does my CPAP machine know when you stop breathing

How Does my CPAP Machine Know When You Stop Breathing?

A CPAP machine is an assistive machine that pumps oxygen through a mask when someone with sleep apnea is asleep. Therefore, it doesn’t know when you stop breathing. A CPAP machine doesn’t work in the same way as a defibrillator, for example, which sends electrical shocks to the body when someone has stopped breathing. A professional …

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CPAP humidifier

What is CPAP Humidifier and Why It is Important

Humidifiers help add moisture to your home, particularly in dry climates and during the winter. This helps people breathe better while preventing throat or nasal irritation, which can cause nosebleeds.
Humidifiers are especially useful for people with respiratory conditions such as sleep apnea. CPAP humidifiers prevent dry air from passing through your machine andirritating your airways, making them a great solution for those undergoing CPAP therapy.
Additionally, these humidifiers will ensure you don’t wake up every morning feeling parched.
Here,we’ll explain the importance of having a CPAP humidifier and the different types you can choose from.