Best CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers

Best CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers; How to Choose the Right One?

When you have sleep apnea, finding the right CPAP mask makes all the difference in your CPAP therapy to ease your symptoms and help ensure that you get a safe, restful sleep. However, CPAP masks differ, and it’s essential that you wear a mask that’s most compatible with your sleeping habits, especially if you’re a side sleeper.

Here,we’ll explore how to choose the right CPAP mask and list some of the best options for side sleepers.

What Side Sleepers Should Look For In a CPAP Mask

Side sleepers may face additional challenges with CPAP therapy. Sleeping on your side can cause changes in pressure requirements needed to maintain the airways. Additionally, the movement frequently experienced by side sleepers can cause leakage and create uncomfortable pressure on the cheek.

CPAP pillows are a good option for side and stomach sleepers to accommodate the mask and the nose. However, there are a selection of masks designed to accommodate side sleepers.

Consider the following when looking for a CPAP mask:

Nasal Pillow: These are the most effective masks for side sleepers, as the nasal mask provides a tighter seal in your nostrils and allow more mobility as you sleep. You can also purchase nasal pillows separately.

Comfortable headgear: You want to ensure there’s nothing that could irritate your cheek as you sleep. Nasal pillow masks accomplish this.

Lightweight: A lightweight design may be less bulky and allow better mobility as your move in your sleep.

Best CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers

Here’s a listof the five best CPAP masks for side sleepers:

1. ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask

ResMed air fit P10 nasal pillow for CPAP

ResMed is a trusted company that specializes in providing solutions for people who suffer from sleep apnea and other respiratory conditions.

The AirFit P10 is a lightweight mask ideal for light sleepers because it features Quiet Air vent technology to reduce noise. This mask’s design is simple, makingit easy to adjust while comfortably fitting your face. It’ll also fit a wide range of head sizes as the head gear’s straps are made with stretchy fabric.

Because it is a nasal pillow mask, the Airfit P10 is one of the best CPAP masks for side sleepers. This CPAP mask also features durable flextubes, and the lightweight design allows the mask to seal on contact, making it ideal for people who toss and turn.

This mask is a great option for active sleepers as it’s designed to remain in place. Featuring soft adjustable straps, this mask’s AirPillow Seal inflates and creates an air pocket, helping to prevent leakage by sealing around the nose. The Brevida’s design incorporates a washable diffuser to reduce noise and air draft, while also featuring blue highlights, to make frequent use of this CPAP nasal pillow mask an easy part of your routine. Conclusion Using CPAP nasal pillows is a great alternative to masks that may cover too much of your face. The cushions should seal comfortably in the base of your nostrils to keep the air flowing throughout the night, and they don’t obstruct your view, allowing you to fall asleep while watching your favorite show. If you’re an active sleeper, mouth breather, or you like to sleep on your side, CPAP nasal pillows are your best option. However, try them out beforehand to ensure you find them comfortable.
The Fisher & Paykel Brevida is a CPAP mask designed to stay in place during sleep. Featuring soft adjustable straps, this mask’s AirPillow Seal inflates to form a gentle pillow of air and seals around the nose to help prevent leakage.

The Brevida’s design incorporates a washable diffuser to reduce noise and air draft, while also featuring blue highlights, to make frequent use of this mask an easy part of your routine.

Plus, Fisher & Paykel has an app that has step-by-step instructions and great resources to guide you while you use the Brevida CPAP mask.

Fisher & Paykel Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask

The second mask on this list from Fisher & Paykel, the Eson 2 Nasal CPAP Mask is minimalistic while featuring an adaptable RollFit nasal seal that’s meant to move with you throughout the night.

Additionally, the easy-to-fit headgear features a forehead stability bar that acts as an anchor for the nasal pillow mask, allowing enough cushion movement to keep a seal while you change positions.The forehead stability bar also helps ensure the mask keeps a securehold to prevent the cushion from excessive movement and subsequent leakage.

You’ll love the ease of motion this mask provides.
Swift FX Nano - ResMed Nasal CPAP Mask

ResMed’s Swift FX is lightweight and has a minimalist design to reduce facial irritation. The mask provides you with a snug fit to hug your face’s curves.

The nasal pillows have dual-wall flaps with a flexible cushion that’ll maintain its seal while you move throughout the night, providing stability for side sleepers. Plus, the headgear side straps come with a set of soft straps that prevent the headgear from slipping.

Philips Respironics DreamWear Nasal CPAP Mask

The Philips Respironics DreamWear mask features a hose at the top of the head that prevents the mask from slipping offactive sleepers. The head-mounted hose connection and 360-degree swivel allow for maximum mobility so you can get comfortable without restrictions.

Additionally, this CPAP mask uses minimal bulk, so you can do the activities you love before bed without obstructing your view. It’s perfect for when you doze off while finishing your favorite book.


This isn’t an exhaustive list of CPAP masks for side sleepers; there are many others out there that may be right for you.
It’s important to find a CPAP mask that works with your sleeping habits to help ensure you get a peaceful night of sleep. The right mask will prevent leakage and move with you. Research and try some masks to figure out which one is right for you.

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